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Luke and Noah’s first kiss

August 17 2007

7 years

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otp meme

  • [7] scenes 1/7 - first “real” kiss

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2011 vs 2013 - Will and Sonny + Will’s green shirt 

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I’m not gay, BUT, if I were Frankie would be my man
Zach, from big brother 16, who just kissed Frankie’s back, and rubbed it, in the same bed together. (via weddingbellklaine)

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My OTP belongs to a shitty ass show.
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Zankie cuddles tonight asdkahsjkdhas

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Darren Criss at Trevor Project: I was sort of raised by the gay community. Big theater in San Francisco at a very early age so… 
Interviewer: That’s about as gay as it gets!  
DC: I dare you to be gayer, and funner, or cooler, or smarter, or more goofy than me.  

i always die when i watch this interview.

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